Corporate Finance & Advisory
Our abilities, expertise, proficiency and understanding of corporate and financial markets enable us to provide varied corporate financial services.

(i)   Corporate Finance Division :

The division provides a wide range of consultancy and advisory services primarily for syndication and resourcing finances both debt as well as equity for setting up new business, funds arrangement for existing business organizations, structuring corporate finances and various ancillary services such as, conceiving and formulation of business plan, techno-economic viability study, preparing detailed project report and rehabilitation plans.
The Consultants associated with corporate finance division having vast exposure and expertise of handling variety of industrial, hospitality, education & research besides sectors related to social welfare and service providers.
Services that our Corporate Finance Division Offers:

Feasibility, Viability, Market Driven Studies and Strategic Planning:
  • In-Depth analysis of Investment appraisal of Companies
  • Market Feasibility Studies for various Products and Services
  • Industrial Outlook Studies exploring present scenario
  • Product Marketing Strategic Studies;
  • Feasibility Studies for Technological Up-gradation
  • Economic Viability Studies vis-à-vis Rehabilitation
  • Strategic Planning & implementation Studies
  • International Business Studies
  • Project Conceptualization and related services, including guidance in relation to selection of projects, preparing of feasibility studies, DPR, capital structuring, techno-economic feasibility, Financial Engineering, Project Management Design etc.

Business Model Planning Services:
  • Analysis of complex range of economic factors before launching a new business venture
  • Assessment of Market and prevailing competition
  • Assessment of Macro-economic considerations alongside specific and detailed analysis of the potential market for specific product or service
  • Building a business model to support business planning combined advanced technical resources with commercial awareness based in depth direct experience of specific industry sectors
  • Assistance for implementation and execution of new business model and planning
  • Periodic review of existing business model and rationalizing it with respect to various technical, commercial and market situation and strategies.

Business Valuation Services:
  • Carrying Business valuation for the purpose of acquisition & merger
  • Assessment of Goodwill and other intangible assets
  • Carrying out business valuation keeping in view of placement of share capital or private equity or issuing commercial papers.

Capital Market Resource Planning & Co-ordination:
  • Working out preliminary analysis of corporate financials and suggesting comparable rational alternatives for entering capital market
  • Preparing Capital Market Resource Plan
  • Execution of fundamental base of existing corporate group structuring with respect to its inter corporate holdings, mutual tie-ups and understanding; anticipating SEBI and Stock Exchange guidelines or requirements
  • Pre-issue Capital structuring in consultation with Merchant Banker and Advisors to the issue
  • Listing out feasible alternatives for appointing Merchant Banker(s) for the Capital Issue

Commercial Support Services:
  • Preparing Corporate Commercial Plan
  • To Carry out first hand Business Market Studies
  • Re-structuring existing commercial set-up with advanced techniques
  • Consulting services for entering into commercial agreements / arrangements or deeds with specific emphasis on legal and commercial aspects
  • Assisting in defining commercial incentive or business promotion plans

Setting-up new Business in India or Expansion - Diversification Projects:
  • Formulation of Business Entry Strategy & Plans;
  • Expansion & re-organization of existing business;
  • Assistance in site selection, land related matters for new projects;
  • Assistance in obtaining Govt. Approvals (FDI, SIA, RBI, company Incorporation, Initial Registrations etc);
  • Financial, legal, Strategic consulting during implementation;
  • Revival & rehabilitation process assistance.
  • Formulation of Business Entry Strategy & Plans;
  • Expansion & re-organization of existing business;
  • Assistance in site selection, land related matters for new projects;
  • Assistance in obtaining Govt. Approvals (FDI, SIA, RBI, company Incorporation, Initial Registrations etc);
  • Financial, legal, Strategic consulting during implementation;
  • Revival & rehabilitation process assistance.

Corporate Mergers, Amalgamation and Re-organization:
  • Assessing and Advising on augmenting the viability
  • Structuring and Negotiating of terms and conditions for the new entity
  • Preparation of Scheme of Merger, Amalgamation and Arrangement
  • Determining of Share Holding and share Exchange ratio
  • Working out the best feasible plan for merger, amalgamation and re-organization
  • Submission and contesting petition with the Company Court through empanelled Sr. Advocate
  • Requisite compliance of the provisions of the Companies Act., 1956 and directions issued by the Company Court
  • Credit Syndication including preparation of Information Memorandum
  • Syndication of domestic/foreign loans
  • Post Sanction follow-up, Assistance in legal documentation etc

Financial Support Services:
  • Preparing credit financial resource planning
  • Assistance for selection of bank(s) / financial institutions
  • Advising alternate sources of raising long term and working capital funds
  • Coordinating sanction of fresh sanction of credit facilities
  • Assistance for credit facilities take-over from one bank to other with or without enhancement at better terms
  • Arranging factoring facility from existing or new bank / institution against import / export bills / LC’s
  • Arranging export based funding in rupee as well as foreign currency;
  • Coordinating hedging and forward contract of currencies
  • Corporate financial structuring
  • Carrying out Financial Audit
  • Support services to suggest parking of spare funds

(ii)   Financial Revival & Rehabilitation Division:

This Division also specializes in dealing with rehabilitation and revival proposals. The division deals with various nature of revival & rehabilitation proposals including companies under sickness, potentially sick and fighting out with BIFR and AAIFR. The experts associated with the division analyses the background of sickness, work out the possible and feasible solution of revival so as to come out of financial sickness.

Following Financial & Advisory Services are provided by this Division:
  • Preparation of Revival schemes & proposals
  • Preparation and submission of reference and appeal with BIFR and AAIFR
  • Debt & Equity structuring vis-a-vis risk management
  • Preparation of Strategic fund raising plans
  • Alternate banking arrangements for sick companies
  • Advising process improvement & internal controls
  • Acquisition of running business and consolidation advisory
  • Investment and assets management services
  • Legal & Financial Compliances.

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"First comes a thought
then organization of that
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