Audit Division
Auditing is concerned with the verification of accounting data with determining the accuracy and reliability of accounting statement and record.

Auditing plays a constructive role in shaping the future of financial reporting, regulation and corporate governance. We’ve recently seen many changes designed to enhance independence and objectivity. We believe there is room to build on the safeguards and reforms already in place. While many of the rules of business have changed, the fundamentals haven’t. An auditor has to meet investor’s expectations which begin to ensure completeness, accuracy and fair presentation of information in the financial statements and disclosures together with corporate governance objectives.

Auditing is the key figure for sustaining confidence in both company and the financial system at large. It must keep pace with a fast-evolving corporate reporting environment – one characterized by investor skepticism and the 24/7 scrutiny of corporate information, including non-financial information.

Quality, consistency, independence and insight

Not only does your audit will help to assure compliance with applicable reporting standards, there are important by-products of the audit process such as the identification of internal management issues and important insights that can help you address both present and future challenges. That’s why we approach your audit with a deep and broad understanding of your business, the industry in which you operate, and the latest regulatory standards. We consider the risks your company faces, the way management controls these risks and the transparency of your company's reporting to stakeholders.
G.K. Mittal & Associates focus on quality, independence, transparency and advanced methodology is – like all our services – designed to ensure compliance with professional standards, as well as optimize value for the organization and the stakeholders.

The audit division conducts variety of audits including:

  • Statutory Audit under the Companies Act, 1956
  • Tax Audit under Sec. 44AB of the Income Tax Act, 1961
  • Internal Audit
  • Management Audit
  • VAT Audit under the respective state’s Valued Added Tax Act
  • Concurrent Audit
  • Revenue Audit
  • Stock Audit
  • Compliance Audit
  • Pre-Transaction & Post-Transaction Audit

The clients we serve include various corporate as well as non-corporate entities:
  • Public sector Companies
  • Co-operative Societies & Federations
  • Private sector Companies
  • Trust
  • Banks & Financial Institutions
  • Partnership & Proprietorship Firms
  • Government bodies
  • Limited Liability Partnership

"Great things are done
by a series of small
things brought together."

Management Team [Audit division]:
Mr. Jogendra Singh, FCA
Mr. Rajeev Jain, FCA
Mr. Girish Kumar Mital, FCA
Mr. Neeraj Kumar Mathur, FCA

General Audit Rules:
  • Independence
  • Compliance
  • Objectivity
  • Corporate Governance
  • Transparency
  • Fairness & reasonability
  • Integrated reporting
  • Sustainable reporting

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